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Real stories

Let us introduce you to some of the wonderful people who decided to foster with our partners across the North East. Here they kindly share their own experiences of fostering, talk about the children they have looked after over the years and offer advice on what others considering fostering may want to know.

A day in the life of long-term foster carers Lesley and Stephen

Lesley and Stephen are long-term foster carer for a 10 year old girl who has lived with them for three years. In this article they give us an insight into a day in their life and how they balance fostering and grandparent duties.

Claire, Olly, Billie and Hattie's story

Long-term foster carers Olly and Claire and their daughters Billie and Hattie share their family's fostering story and look at the difference fostering has made to each of them.

Nicola's story

Nicola talks to us about why she transferred from being a foster carer with an Independent Fostering Agency to becoming a carer with her local authority, her proudest fostering moments, why she believes it's so important to keep brothers and sisters together and how every child leaves a lasting impression.

Geoff and Stuart's story

Geoff and Stuart were happily plodding along in decades-long careers when they suddenly started to notice how empty their home felt when Geoff's daughter started to grow in independence and be out of the home more.

Sharan and Lee's story

Meet Sharen and Lee, our seasoned long-term foster carers to two young people! Hear first hand about the impact fostering has had on all their lives, the invaluable lessons learned, and the qualities they believe make a great foster carer.

Francie's story

Meet Francie, a remarkable foster carer for an unaccompanied asylum-seeking young woman. Hear all about her heart-warming journey, how Google translate has helped the pair bond and what advice she would offers others thinking of fostering.

Lisa and Stephen's story

We are delighted to share our very first Foster with North East video case study - here we meet Lisa and Stephen, short break foster carers who share with us their experiences of life as foster carers and how this fits into their family life.

Viv and Ian's story

Meeting a fostered little girl in her former job as a teaching assistant set the wheels in motion for Viv and her husband Ian to share their home and shape the lives of young people in ways they never dreamed possible.

A day in the life of foster carer Karen

Karen has been a short-term foster carer for 11 years alongside her husband Brian who works as a motor vehicle technician. They live with their 18-year-old daughter who works a nursery school and son (11 years old) who attends a SEND school and they are currently caring for a 7 month old baby.

Leigh's story

Single mum, Leigh, 34 has been fostering since 2020. She has so far focussed on short-term fostering, welcoming several younger children into the family home she shares with her daughter, 10, and their adorable dog, Dexter

Sarah and Chris' story

Sarah loved working with, and seeing young children learn every day in her job as a nursery manager, but when her son arrived, and with health issues that had niggled since childhood worsening during her pregnancy, she started to re-think the whole idea of going back to work.

Lesley and Anth's story

As the innovative Mockingbird fostering model is introduced in all local authority partners of Foster with North East, we spoke to hub carer Lesley to bring you real-life insight into the scheme which has been pioneered by The Fostering Network.