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Five things you'll learn at a fostering information event

Whether the thought of fostering has come up recently or you've been curious and researching fostering for a while, our fostering information events are for people just like you.

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Events run every month across the region and give an overview of everything you need to know about fostering - from the timescales involved to the support you'll receive. When you come along to a Foster with North East event, you will learn about fostering in the North East, how it works, why we need more foster families to support our communities and how you can get involved. 


What to expect from Foster with North East events near you

Our Fostering events are relaxed and interactive. You'll meet foster carers and support workers to learn about the reality of fostering. Wether you choose to join us face-to-face or online, you'll have the chance to talk face-to-face with people involved in fostering in our communities every day.

Sometimes, there might be a short presentation, but it's not all about sitting and listening. We'd love you to come along armed with any questions you'd like answered. There are no silly questions and no need to be nervous - the professionals you'll meet at the event will likely have, at some point, come along to one of these information events, just like you.

We'll guide you through frequently asked questions. You'll also have the opportunity to chat with foster carers to get their honest feedback about the role, its challenges and rewards.

By coming along to an event, you're not making a commitment, and there's no pressure. Come along, have your questions answered and find out how fostering could work for you.

1. The role of a foster carer

Our foster support team will be on hand to share insights into the role of a foster carer. You'll hear from foster carers who've been there and done that. You'll learn what a day in the life of a foster carer looks like and explore the different types of fostering. Ultimately, you'll get a feel for what it's really like to share your home and look after a child or young person.

  • What is fostering?
  • The day-to-day life of a foster carer
  • What skills are needed for fostering?
  • Different types of fostering
  • How different types of fostering can work for your circumstances 

2. Becoming a foster carer (the application process)

You'll learn how to become a foster carer, the steps of the foster carer approval process and what to expect and when. We'll explain the checks and assessments involved in the process and how long an application usually takes. If you decide to apply, our Foster with North East hubs will provide support and advice for each step of your journey. You'll learn:

  • How to apply to be a foster carer
  • The steps of the foster carer approval process
  • The support we offer you for the process
  • Timelines for different stages
  • Assessments and what they involve
  • What the 'f' form assessment is
  • An introduction to carer training and topics
  • All about a fostering panel?

3. How Foster with North East supports foster carers

We know that you may never feel quite 'ready' to be a foster carer, but you'll learn how Foster with North East - and our community of foster carers - can help you feel prepared. You'll get an overview of the professional benefits package, and our flexible, first-class training. You will find out about:

  • Pre-approval training and support at our North East hubs
  • Post-approval training and career development
  • The Mockingbird support scheme
  • The buddy system 
  • Your foster support team and 24/7 support line

4. The impact of fostering on children, young people and foster carers

The best way to learn about the impact of fostering is by hearing real-life experiences. You'll hear from those involved with fostering about the ups and down's they've experienced, their biggest challenges and most rewarding achievements. You'll also learn fostering facts about the numbers of children looking for foster homes and placements across our region. 

  • Why should I foster?
  • The impact of fostering on foster families
  • North East fostering facts
  • Factors behind why children and young people in the North East need homes 

5. What to do the fostering information event - your next steps

At all Foster with North East events, you'll have the option to register to stay in touch and receive our news and updates or to progress onto the next step in your fostering journey by making an enquiry. If you think of a question after the event, you can get in touch - we're here to help.

Want to find out about fostering information events near you?

You don't need to come to a fostering information event to become a foster carer with Foster with North East, but if you do, you'll gain insight into what fostering is really like and how you could make fostering work for you. Could you share your home to shape their future through Foster with North East? Sign up to hear about fostering information events in your area.