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Transfer from fostering agency to North East local authority

Considering switching from a fostering agency to a local authority (LA) fostering service? Maybe you'd like to move between local authorities? Here you'll find everything you need to know about how you can transfer quickly and easily with our support at Foster with North East.

Who can transfer fostering service?

  • We can help If your family is moving home and you'd like to register with a local authority.
  • Foster carers can also transfer with us if they want to move from an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA).
  • If you've previously fostered for a North East local authority and you'd like to return, we'd love to hear from you.

We are here to make your transfer as quick, easy and simple as possible.


Why do foster carers transfer?

Have you struggled getting suitable matches through a fostering agency? Maybe you're finding you have gaps between fostering and need more stability? Perhaps over time, you've found your current service isn't right for you or you want to directly help the community around you?

In the North East, we have the highest number of children coming into foster care of all regions in England. We urgently need more foster carers for children and young people of all ages but in particular for brothers and sisters, teenagers, children with additional needs or disabilities and unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Could you share your home to shape their future? You don't need to be a 'full time' foster carer to transfer to us, we need emergency and short break foster carers, too.

Transferring with Foster with North East

Our fostering hub advisers have lots of experience supporting foster carers through the transfer process, meaning we are able to offer high levels of support to transferring, new and returning foster carers.

Why foster with us?

  • Our foster carer buddy scheme welcomes and supports carers who are new to our community.
  • We've extended the Mockingbird family model of fostering support across all council partners in Foster with North East
  • There are a host of events, activities and support groups for the fostering community, organised by your local council

 Our carers who transferred told us: 

"We were guided throughout the move. And we are very pleased we decided to make the move. It was easy for us and did not affect our fostered child at all. We are still very impressed with the support we receive."

Your simple 5-step foster carer transfer process

Transferring to a Local Authority through Foster with North East is easier and quicker than your original approval.

1) Contact us - call or request a call back

When you contact us, one of our experienced Foster with North East fostering social workers will get in touch to explore if a move is right for you. 

2) Start your transfer

When you decide to start the transfer process, the appropriate local authority will allocate you a fostering social worker. The social worker will update your assessment. They will also contact your current agency to discuss the timing of your transfer. We will plan the timing to avoid disruption to any children you care for. 

3) Your faster fostering assessment

Your social worker will visit you at home to update your assessment information. We'll add all your valuable fostering experience to your previous form. This will be a quicker process than your last assessment. 

4) The fostering panel

A fostering panel will review your updated report and make a recommendation about your approval. 

5) Setting your start date

After formal approval, the local authority and your agency will jointly agree the end date or your agency approval. We will also agree the date your new local authority approval will commence.  

Frequently asked questions about transferring fostering services

What's a typical fostering transfer timeline?

The transfer fostering services process is typically quicker than going through the foster approval process from scratch. While each case is different, you could transfer to us within months

Can I transfer with a child in I care for?

Foster carers can usually transfer with children they currently care for. We follow the Fostering Network Transfer Protocol for the transfer of foster carers. We will work with you and your agency to put the needs of the child or young person at the centre of the process.

Moving to the North East or want to transfer from fostering agency to local authority?

You can chat to Foster with North East to get support to change fostering service. If you'd like to explore a transfer to a local authority in the North East with our help, you can enquire now or call us on 0800 917 7771.

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